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A cosmetic dentist can play a critical role in your oral health and well-being. If you are missing teeth, have tooth damage, or any other issues that affect your smile, help is available. You do not have to go on feeling embarrassed about your appearance. Depending on your concerns and needs, there is a solution available to restore your teeth and the full function of your mouth.

People of all ages can benefit from going to a cosmetic dentistry office. If you are unsure whether you are a good candidate for a procedure, your dentist can help. You can start out by scheduling a consultation. Here, the dentist will discuss your options and outline how the process will work to repair your smile.

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Training of a cosmetic dentist

Like all dentists, those who study the cosmetic side of dentistry will go to dental school after earning a four-year college degree. Those in cosmetic dentistry have additional training in the procedures that repair teeth and gums. This dentist will also learn the techniques that can correct bite dysfunctions and the aesthetics of teeth that cause people grief. These may include knowing how to remove discoloration or how to correct misshapen, uneven, or worn-down teeth. This type of dentist focuses on giving patients the most attractive smile possible.

How smiles run into trouble

It is not uncommon for teenagers and adults to encounter difficulties with their smile. Many people struggle with crooked teeth, stained teeth, or damaged teeth, among other issues. Poor oral hygiene is a major cause of these problems. From the time the youngest patients start getting teeth, it is vital to brush at least twice a day and to floss daily. Failing to do so can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. From these, teeth and bones can deteriorate, leading to tooth loss.

Accidents can also injure teeth. A hard blow to the face can break or chip a tooth. A tooth could fall out from contact with a hard object. Some people can blame genetics on their smiles. Hereditary factors could cause a person to have crooked teeth, discolored teeth, or other issues that would require the intervention of a cosmetic dentist.

Dental implants

Today, dental implants are becoming increasingly more common. The drawback of having implants is that the process can be long, and it is invasive. There can be some pain and discomfort following the procedures as well. However, many patients see that the benefits outweigh these disadvantages.

Implants are durable and long-lasting, sometimes working effectively for well over 20 years. They are made of titanium posts that the cosmetic dentist places into the jawbone. An abutment goes on top of the post, and a crown attaches to the abutment. The crown is natural-looking in size, shape, and color. With implants, the patient can once again chew effectively. Implants also help keep adjacent natural teeth from drifting or falling out.

Dental crown

A cosmetic dentist may recommend a dental crown for people who have cosmetic damage to a tooth. Crowns are usually made of ceramic or porcelain but also can come in metals such as silver and gold. A crown is most useful when an individual has a broken, chipped, or cracked tooth but when the tooth has a strong root left. The crown covers the entire tooth and looks just like a natural one. The dentist can fabricate the crown to be the desired size, shape, and color.

To get a crown, the patient must first go to the dentist’s office for X-rays and impressions. Some dental offices can use 3D imaging to make the crown in the office during a single appointment. Other offices will have a technician make the crown in a laboratory. In this case, the patient would return to have the dentist place the crown a few weeks later. The crown restores the appearance of the tooth. It also allows the patient to bite into most foods.

False teeth

Dentists have used dentures for centuries as a way to replace teeth. Today, a patient may need full dentures to replace a mouthful of missing teeth. Some people go to a cosmetic dentist for partial dentures when a few or several teeth have fallen out. Dentures also come in both permanent and removable options. Each of these types of appliances fills in the embarrassing gaps in people’s mouth. Dentures can also stabilize the facial structure.

False teeth are not readily noticeable as artificial to other people. Dentures consist of a gum-colored acrylic base and natural-looking teeth made of metal, usually covered in plastic. Some dentures rest directly on the gums, held in place by an adhesive. Others use dental implants to hold them firmly in place. Like natural teeth, dentures require regular care and maintenance to stay in good condition.

Tooth crown

Also known as caps, these restorative options have cosmetic and health functions. Not only can a tooth crown improve a person’s smile, but it can preserve good oral wellness. A cap can help prevent further damage and decay to an affected tooth. A cosmetic dentist may use this method if the patient has a cavity so large that a filling will not work well. A cap may also stabilize a tooth and keep it from cracking, breaking apart, or falling out.

To place a tooth crown, the dentist must first take images and prepare the tooth. The dentist reshapes the tooth so the cap will fit. The dentist must also ensure that it fits properly and comfortably. Using dental cement, the dentist places it over the tooth.

Choose the right option for your smile

You should not let tooth problems or other oral health or cosmetic concerns affect the way you feel about your appearance. Your cosmetic dentist can evaluate your condition and assess your needs. After deciding which treatment makes the most sense, you can go forward feeling positive about your smile. Make an appointment with your dentist today and see whether a crown, dentures, or implants are right for you.

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