Will a Chipped Tooth Need a Root Canal?

Chipped Tooth Charlotte, NC

A chipped tooth may need a root canal if the root of the tooth becomes infected or severely damaged. In some instances, tooth loss may result if an infected or severely damaged chipped tooth is left untreated for too long. However, not all instances of a chipped tooth require root canal therapy, although it is important to seek prompt dental care for even minor chips. 

Treating a chipped tooth with root canal therapy

Root canal therapy is a common treatment option for a chipped tooth, but it may not be the only treatment option available. This review discusses how you can determine the severity of a chipped tooth based on the symptoms, when a root canal is necessary, and what other treatment options a dentist may recommend. 

Determining the severity of a chipped tooth

There are many different causes of a chipped tooth. Some are quite obvious, such as a nasty fall, car accident, or blow to the face during sports, whereas others can be more subtle, such as grinding teeth while sleeping. You can determine the severity of a chipped tooth by assessing the severity of the sensitivity, swelling, and overall discomfort, in addition to examining the amount of the tooth that has chipped away. 

When a chipped tooth requires a root canal

All instances of a chipped tooth require prompt attention to avoid the symptoms from worsening or causing a more severe concern. Often, chipped teeth can be treated with a dental crown, veneers, or dental bonding, especially when prompt care is administered. However, a chipped tooth likely requires a root canal if the root of the tooth becomes infected or if the pulp inside the root of the tooth is damaged. 

When a chipped tooth is a dental emergency

As mentioned, it is important to seek prompt care for all chipped teeth. This allows the dental professional to treat the concern in the earliest stages possible, which often minimizes the extensiveness and cost of the chipped tooth treatment. However, a chipped tooth may be considered an immediate emergency if there is excessive swelling, the tooth is knocked loose or the pain is intolerable. If there is severe bleeding or other notable injuries that need to be addressed (i.e. head trauma), then visit the emergency room for immediate care. 

Preventing a chipped tooth after treatment

Individuals can reduce the risk of a chipped tooth by wearing a mouthguard when the risk of a chipped tooth is highest. This includes athletes and patients who struggle with bruxism (grinding teeth while asleep). It is also important to avoid biting down on any hard substances such as ice as well. 

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