Tips for Choosing How Your False Teeth Are Kept in Place

False Teeth Charlotte, NC

False teeth are often a good option when it comes to replacing your teeth. A patient might have them as part of cosmetic dentistry or simply as a way of replacing missing teeth. However, it can be difficult when the teeth go missing. There are a few options for keeping the dentures attached to the gums. Keep reading to find out more about them.

Denture adhesives

One of the most common ways of keeping the dentures in the mouth is through the use of adhesive. That way, people do not have to worry about the false teeth coming out of the mouth. The dentists can help a patient figure out the right adhesive to use. An adhesive might come as a liquid, powder, or cream.

An adhesive can react with the patient’s saliva, causing the denture to become a bit puffier around the gums. That will allow that teeth to bond to the gums strongly. That way, the teeth can stay there better. Of course, whether or not an adhesive can be used depends on the dentures. A patient might want to visit the dentist to determine whether the teeth need replacing for a better fit.

Implants and dentures

Another option for keeping the teeth in place is through the use of implants. The implants go in the patient’s jawbone through a surgical procedure. For a full set of false teeth, the patient might have at least four implants placed in the lower jaw. That way, the weight of the teeth can be distributed more evenly around the jawbone. That places the pressure more evenly.

In some cases, the cost of implants can be prohibitive to patients. That is why a patient might have implants placed only in the lower portion of the jaw. That area is often where it is the hardest to get the teeth to stick using adhesive. The patient might choose to get traditional dentures for the upper teeth.

Keeping the dentures in position longer

It is critical for patients to keep the false teeth clean. That should be a part of each patient’s dental hygiene routine. Cleaning the teeth each day can keep them free of bacteria. That can help the patient to avoid getting an infection. A toothbrush should not be used since that can harm the structure of the teeth.

Patients will also want to eat the right foods. When a patient first gets the teeth, it is a good idea to eat softer food. That way, the mouth can get used to the teeth. In some cases, in the beginning, foods that are not soft enough can move the false teeth around.

Choosing the right way to keep false teeth in place

By following the right steps, you can keep your false teeth in your mouth. That way, you can avoid embarrassing moments. If your mouth is hurting because of loose dentures, it is a good idea to speak with your dentist. The dentist can give you another option for keeping the teeth in your mouth.

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