Teeth Whitening Tips to Prevent Teeth Coffee Stains

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You might be considering teeth whitening to eliminate coffee stains on your teeth. You might love your morning coffee routine, but coffee, like tea and soda, is a drink whose regular use can discolor teeth. Particles such as tannins leave a residue on the teeth. You should try to prevent the buildup of residue. Here are some tips for keeping your teeth stain-free.

Use a straw

While unconventional, drinking an iced coffee drink through a straw is a possible solution as it reduces the amount of coffee that comes in contact with the teeth. Using a straw keeps coffee away from the visible parts of the teeth. That way, teeth remain looking white. A drawback of this method is that frequent use of a straw may wrinkle the skin.

Add milk

While not an option for everyone due to several reasons, adding milk to the coffee can help reduce staining. The casein protein abundant in animal milk attaches to tannins. This reduces the likelihood of the tannins discoloring the teeth. Milk can also protect tooth enamel, making teeth stronger.

Reduce caffeine intake to reduce teeth stains

Reducing the daily coffee consumption can help with teeth discoloration because the caffeine quantity directly relates to the tannin quantity of the coffee. The more caffeine consumed, the more tannin there is latching onto the teeth. Cutting back on the intake of coffee or tea will reduce the tannin count. This will decrease the number of stains.

Brush, floss, and rinse

Regularly brushing and flossing the teeth will help reduce plaque, a material that makes teeth sticky — also giving tannins a suitable sticking surface. Follow the coffee drinking by brushing and flossing. If this is not possible, then thoroughly rinse the mouth. Brushing, flossing, or rinsing after coffee or tea consumption will allow for a cleansing of the teeth. This will hopefully relieve the potential of stains.

Use a teeth whitening toothpaste

Teeth whitening toothpaste is easily available on the market. However, for some people, this type of toothpaste can cause the teeth to become sensitive. Toothpaste that contains whitening agents will increase the likelihood of stains becoming lighter. Patients should keep in mind that teeth whitening toothpaste only works for surface stains.

Have the teeth whitened by a professional

Patients can also get their teeth bleached at the dentist’s office. Usually, the dentist will start by taking a photo of the teeth so that they can keep track of progress. Then, they will clean the teeth of any leftover food particles and other substances. Before applying the teeth whitening gel, the dentist will use a gel or shield to protect the gums.

It is important to note that teeth whitening is not a one-time procedure. The frequency of whitening treatments will depend on the maintenance of teeth after the procedure. It may last for six months or much longer if smoking and staining foods are avoided. For severely stained teeth, the dentist may suggest bleaching at home for a brief period or extended period of weeks.

Get professional teeth whitening today

Coffee stains, let alone any type of stains on the teeth, are not enjoyable to look at. There are ways to prevent stains, as well as remove them. The teeth are prone to staining, meaning that extra special care toward the teeth is necessary. Visit your dentist today to get your beautiful bright smile back.

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