How Many Dental Implants Are Needed to Support Dentures?

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Dental implants are an effective way to replace missing teeth. There are also other methods to restore your smile and the full function of your mouth. Dentures are also a common way to achieve these goals. Some people may also benefit from a combination of these treatments. Implant-supported dentures have advantages that traditional dentures cannot provide. Your dentist can evaluate whether it makes sense for you to get these dentures.

How dentures work

Dentures have been a common way to replace teeth for centuries. Technology has improved to make this apparatus more effective. But the purpose is the same: to replace missing teeth. Traditional dentures consist of a gum-colored acrylic base and artificial teeth.

The teeth are made of metal and covered in plastic. This appliance rests on the gums with the help of adhesive. Most of these dentures are removable, allowing the wearer to take them out while eating. There are permanent options too.

How implant-supported dentures work

Implant-supported dentures have similar functions as their traditional counterparts. This treatment allows the individual to once again chew most foods. It also fills in embarrassing gaps in the mouth, giving the person more self-esteem. This type of denture does not sit on the gums but snaps into dental implants. The dentist places these into the jaw, offering support to the denture base.

The process of getting dental implants

The dentist must first take X-rays and make impressions of the patient’s mouth. This helps the dentist determine whether there is enough bone to support the dental implants. These images will also guide a technician in fabricating the denture appliances. Getting implants requires a multistep process that can take several months.

First, the dentist will numb the patient and make an incision in the gums. The dentist will insert four titanium implants deep into the jawbone. After closing the wound, the patient then takes the next few months to heal and allow the implants to fuse with the bone. Next, the dentist reopens the gums and places abutments on the implants. There are a few more months of healing. By this time, the dentures are ready to clasp into place onto the abutments.

The benefits of implant-supported dentures

Dentures have worked well for adult patients. However, there are reasons why implant-supported dentures make more sense. Because the dental implants support the appliance, it is much less likely to slip and fall out. This can often occur with traditional dentures while the individual is eating or speaking. Implant-supported dentures also will not rub on the gums, causing soreness and irritation. People who have implants to support their dentures may also find a stronger bite force and ability to effectively chew more food.

A different way to restore your smile

For years, people with missing teeth could only turn to dentures for help. In more recent years, dental implants have become more common. If you have a mouthful of missing teeth, you can take advantage of the benefits of implants and dentures. Implant-supported dentures could make sense for your appearance and health. Make an appointment with your local cosmetic dentistry office today so you can talk about these possibilities.

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