Consider a Dental Implant and Tooth Crown to Replace a Missing Tooth

Tooth Crown Charlotte, NC

If you have a missing tooth, consider getting a tooth crown. That can be a particularly good option if you are considering having cosmetic dentistry. Many times, having a crown and implant to replace missing teeth means that you will have a long-lasting solution. Keep reading to find out more about getting a tooth crown.

What is a tooth crown?

Many times, a dentist will choose to place a tooth crown over a dental implant. That can be a more attractive solution to replacing a missing tooth for a patient. It often works better than a crown by itself. The implant is also beneficial. It can preserve the bone and prevent it from becoming reabsorbed by the patient’s body.

The implant works as a replacement root for that missing tooth. It stimulates the bone by moving slightly when the patient eats. That prevents the jawbone from beginning to shrink. The natural teeth then have more protection and support.

Dental bridges often do not work as well. The area where the teeth went missing might begin to lose bone. Then the teeth around the bridge are what supports it. That might cause the natural teeth to wear down. It is often harder to floss or brush the teeth as well, which might result in decay. And a bridge is often not in place as well as an implant and tooth crown.

Getting a traditional crown often means it can be hard to match the color correctly. The tooth crown might slip off the tooth sometimes, as well. Plus, traditional crowns are not as permanent. However, the patient does not need to worry about that when using a dental implant. It helps the crown to last for a long time to come.

The durability of implants

Many patients like the fact that dental implants can last for a long time to come. Once a patient has gotten the implant and healed from the procedure, care is easy. It only requires regular flossing and brushing, just like with the natural teeth. The crowns can last for a long time to come if the patient cares for them correctly. That makes a tooth crown one of the better treatments.

Today, patients have the option of a tooth crown and dental implant instead of a bridge. Many times, bridges have to be anchored to the surrounding teeth to stay in place. However, an implant relies on the jawbone instead of the other teeth. An implant allows a patient to have one or more missing teeth restored, no matter the location.

Choosing the right tooth crown

If you choose to have a crown and dental implant, you can benefit from the solution. It is often longer-lasting than other solutions. It is a good idea to talk to your dentist about your different options. That way, you can make a more informed decision about your options. Remember, a crown and an implant often have more advantages than crowns by themselves.

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