Can Metal-Free Fillings Be Matched to My Tooth Shade?

Metal-free fillings Charlotte, NC

Most dentists offer metal-free fillings as an alternative to silver amalgam fillings. You know that silver amalgam fillings stand out, but what about the metal-free alternative? Find out if these fillings can match the shade of your natural teeth.

A guide to metal-free fillings

Metal-free fillings are made of a composite resin material that is bonded to the teeth using adhesive. Due to the application method, composite fillings make teeth less likely to crack. These fillings also blend in with the natural teeth.

Matching natural teeth with composite resin fillings

Some dentists apply a basic white composite to decayed teeth. While the white composite is not an exact match for the natural tooth, it still blends in more than silver amalgam fillings. However, some dentists also provide a range of colors for composite fillings. Patients and dentists work together to choose the right shade for the filling. Once the tooth is filled, it is very difficult to notice that it contains composite resin. The filling is extremely close to the shade of the natural tooth if not an exact match.

What if the teeth cannot be matched?

In some cases, the natural teeth cannot be matched with a composite filling due to stains. There is a solution to this issue, though. The dentist will examine the teeth, and if necessary, recommend a tooth whitening procedure. This will make it easier for the dentist to match the color of the filling to the teeth. Patients do not have to whiten their teeth before getting the filling, though. People can get the filling and then whiten the teeth to match it.

Removing silver amalgam fillings and replacing with composite resin

Because metal-free fillings can match the natural shade of the teeth, some people want to remove silver anagram fillings and put something else in the fillings’ place. They do not like the way these fillings look and prefer something that looks more natural. Dentists encourage patients to wait until the metal filling needs to be replaced before switching to composite resin. However, people can explore this option even if the existing fillings are still in good shape.

The dentist removes the existing filling and replaces it with a composite filling. The patient immediately enjoys the aesthetic appeal of the composite filling, but that is not all. Amalgam fillings contract and contrast when the temperature changes. This is hard on the tooth with the filling, along with the teeth located on either side. Composite fillings are not affected by temperature changes and also provide additional strength by bonding to the tooth. While silver amalgam fillings fill a hole, composite fillings become a part of the tooth.

Are metal-free fillings a good choice for you?

Whether you have a cavity or silver fillings you want to replace, composite fillings might be the right choice. Begin the process by consulting with your dentist. Your dentist will look at the shade of your teeth and let you know how close the filling will match. Remember that even if you cannot get an exact match, a composite filling is still much less noticeable than a metal filling.

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