Are Dental Laminates a Popular Cosmetic Treatment?

Dental Laminates Charlotte, NC

Dental laminates are a type of dental restoration that is often recommended by dentists as a cosmetic treatment due to their minimally invasive nature. Read on to learn what dental laminates are and how they are used to improve the aesthetic of a patient's smile.

What are dental laminates?

Everyone deserves to feel confident when they smile. For patients that feel less secure about their smile due to minor imperfections with more visible teeth, dental laminates may be a great way to improve the appearance of their smile, and they can provide notable benefits over alternative cosmetic solutions.

Dental laminates explained

Dental laminates are a cosmetic restoration that is applied over the visible surface of front teeth. They are made of either a composite resin or porcelain material. Each laminate is incredibly thin, which ensures that the least amount of dental enamel is removed as possible. Dental laminates are recommended for people who want to improve the appearance of their smile, and they primarily address chips, cracks, teeth stains, short teeth, uneven teeth, and mild teeth alignment concerns.

The pros and cons of dental laminates

Dental laminates are great at improving the appearance of teeth and are safe to use. They do not require much (if any) removal of dental enamel, so it is better for teeth in the long term. The materials used are also strong and durable, and laminates are expected to last for around 20 years or more. The drawback to dental laminates, however, is that patients who do not remove enamel may feel as if the dental laminates are somewhat bulky, although this is rare as the dentist can allow for the proper preparation before the installation of the laminates. Dental laminates also cost more on average than alternative cosmetic dentistry treatments.

Dental laminates vs. dental veneers

Dental laminates are often compared with dental veneers. In fact, for some dentists, the two terms are essentially used interchangeably. However, there are notable differences between the two. Most importantly, dental laminates do not require tooth alterations to the same extent as dental veneers. This is due to the fact that they are much thinner than veneers, so they can often fit comfortably without having to remove any tooth enamel. Other than the thickness of the laminate, they essentially function and look the same as dental veneers.

What to expect from dental laminates long-term

Dental laminates require quality care to ensure stains or damage do not develop. Patients should brush their teeth two to three times per day and floss regularly. Be sure to also talk to the dentist about foods and drinks that can increase the risk of stains and try and avoid consuming these foods and drinks as much as possible.

Are you interested in dental laminates for a better smile?

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