4 Benefits of Dental Restoration With a Tooth Crown

Tooth Crown Charlotte, NC

If you have a damaged tooth, you might need a tooth crown. Repairing the area immediately is critical to keeping the tooth healthy. One option that you have is a tooth crown. It can help you to preserve your tooth. Keep reading to find out more about the advantages of getting these crowns.

1. It is not hard to get a crown

Many times, the crowns are customized for the patient’s teeth. A crown is often customized to be a good match. Patients might choose to have crowns for cosmetic or medical reasons. The good news is that the process of getting them is not complicated. It is not a very invasive procedure.

The dentist will clean the area and remove any decay. Then the tooth will get shaped to receive the crown. The patient will then have molds of the teeth taken. That way, the crown can be created properly. It is often about two weeks to make the permanent crown. Before then, the patient will have a temporary crown.

2. Restoring a tooth’s appearance

A tooth crown is designed to restore the tooth’s health. That can reduce a patient’s discomfort. Plus, it also looks good. It is often a good option for fixing discoloration or misshapen teeth. The crown can be a good option for cosmetic dentistry.

3. Relieving dental pain

A patient might have a tooth crown to restore the teeth. The crown can help with the repair of a damaged tooth. That might include a lot of decay or an injury like a break or chip. Crowns are also useful for helping with infections. A patient might be able to tell when a crown is necessary if there is pain while drinking or eating.

Luckily, the discomfort can be relieved with a crown. The problem will first be addressed, such as a root canal or filling. Then the tooth can be covered with a crown to prevent discomfort in the future. It can also make a tooth less sensitive.

4. A customized, long-lasting solution

Patients will have tooth crowns customized. That way, the restoration will look as natural as possible. The idea is to match the size and shape of the existing tooth. The new crown will also blend in well with the rest of the teeth. That way, no one will know that the patient has a tooth crown.

Many patients like the fact that it is easy to forget about the crown once it is on. The restoration can last for many years. Strong materials are used to make the crown. As long as the patient follows the directions of the dentist, the crown can last for a long time to come.

Choose the right tooth crown today

Getting a tooth crown allows you to have a more beautiful smile. Plus, crowns are great for protecting your teeth from getting damaged. Your dentist can help you decide if getting a crown is right for you. Making a consultation appointment today is your first step.

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